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In mathematics, the upper bound is a number equal to or greater than any other number in a given set. At J.C. Carrillo, Inc., we strive to forge new frontiers in book buying and selling and go beyond the bounds of what’s currently being done in the industry. Too long have we all struggled under the frustration of juggling integral, but wholly separate, parts of the business. With this new, interactive system, we’re excited to move way beyond our competitors’ offerings by placing ordering, tracking, invoicing, industry news and trends, and account-tailored reporting all in one, consolidated location. Through the use of technology and a keen focus on customer service, we’re paving the way for a new era in book buying.
It is with great pleasure we introduce to you The Upper Bounds.
We want you to buy what sells. More importantly, we want you to buy what sells for YOU. The Upper Bounds is not only an interactive ordering system, but also a data miner which allows you to track trends, obtain comparative title suggestions, and increase your sales first by understanding your sales.
Are you a small bookseller frustrated that you don't have cutting edge technology at your fingertips to better assess your needs? Are you a distributor working with cumbersome, outdated ordering technology? Because Upper Bounds is customer oriented, built specifically around your requests and with your input, we’ve created a trustworthy program that fits your business needs.
Are you expending large sums of time and money to track your internal ordering trends or don’t have the capabilities to research your title history? Does it take you a long time to go through title offerings and create your orders? Better use of technology will increase efficiency, customer service and convenience, and overall customer satisfaction.
We’re sure you watch the bestseller lists, but we know you’re also curious to get a glimpse of what other stores in your part of the world are ordering. Our network of accounts will work to your advantage because you’ll be able to see what the bestsellers are in your region based on actual orders.
Would you like more opportunities to get extra discounts and deals? JCC is all about writing in the margins to increase your margin.  Watch for special discounts, closeout sales, and check out our new bargain books suppliers who provide top-notch product at low, low prices.
We’ve already received enthusiastic and anxious responses from some of our accounts who are grateful for one-stop-shopping and the internal, account specific organizational and reporting tools to which they’ll have access.
We invite you to join us as we help you improve your business by leaps… and bounds.
Jerry Cruz Carrillo Ortiz
President and Managing Director
J.C. Carrillo, Inc.
We Sell Books!
“Our Business is Improving Your Business”